Monday, February 24, 2014

The Worgen’s Howl Episode 3 : Switching out pokemon.

A message from us:

Hello everyone!

We have returned! We want to start off by first saying we are sorry for the long delay in new episodes. It came to our attention that with the work schedules of Frostee and Mike were getting harder and harder to make it possible for us to ensure that we could provide quality content every week. Because of this, we decided to make a change in the lineup and add Frostee's wife, Kaz as the full-time co-host. Mike will be brought in as much as possible though so don't worry. We also have other ideas for future guests so be sure to stay tuned!

Thank you all for your support! We look forward to making this the best show possible! Please continue to spread the word about the show and lets build this community together!