Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Worgen’s Howl Episode #50: The Deathwing-isode!

Welcome Back!

This episode is a very special one for us, not only because it is our 50th, but because it marks a point in our show where we are making some changes to the show to center more of it on the great community that surrounds the World of Warcraft. Our future shows will feature our new "Community Board" segment where we will try to put the spotlight on even more going on in the vast family of WoW fans! We hope you enjoy this, and many more episodes to come! 

There was not a ton of news, but here is some of what we were howling about this week...

  • How much more Warlords is left?
  • Where does the game take us from here?
  • And more!

Next up, we were able to sit down and have a fun chat with an extremely talented artist in the community, Faebelina! We are so grateful that she would take some time to visit with us about herself and her art. We hope you enjoy getting to know her more as much as we did! Take a look at some of her art from twitter...

Faebelina can be found in many places on the web such as her TwitterDeviantArt, and more. She is part of the group, as well. Go and take in all the great work she does!

We also want to thank everyone who submitted an entry for the "Dragon for a Dragon" contest. It was extremely hard to narrow down the submissions to a single winner. It really means a lot to see such a great response! We could only choose one winner though, and it is....

@VittoriyaWoW Congrats!

The other great submissions that we received we too good to not show off, so here they are!

                                      @Mondschatten78                               @Disneygirl85

                                         @Alreesa92                                    @nightdragon0

                                           @Lexxe16                                    @MightofUrsoc

                                        @AzuraLynx                                        @azshadia

                                      @azerothtraveler                               @NCogsmith

                                      @Call_Me_Ep1c                             @JinksiCogsberry

                                         @Mullet863                                  @KtheGamerGirl

                                      @DravenDresden                                @FPStudioz

Again, thank you to everyone who entered! It was a lot of fun to see all the entries! Be sure to stay tuned, because we have more exciting contests already planned, so be on the lookout!

Finally, we concluded our run of the "Raiding with Nostalgic Ignorance" segment by finishing the Dragon Soul raid this week, so listen and follow along with our screenshots as we recap Kaz's adventure! 

Seriously, thank you for all of your support! We love bringing this show to you! We have a lot of exciting things that we will be bringing you as we continue this show! See you next time!

,Frostee and Kaz

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  1. Great episode! This was my first time listening to your podcast. I hope you enjoy doing the starting quest zones. I do love the blood elf one. For me, I create new characters just to run them. The panda one is one of my favorites. I would suggest doung undead and worgen back to back. They line up very well. Blood elf and Draenei sort of together but they don't have to be. Anyhow, thanks for a great show.

    1. Thank you very much for the comment! It will be a lot of fun to go back and explore those areas where I haven't been for a long time! Also, thank you for the suggestion! We will have to keep that in mind when planning the upcoming shows :) Take care!