Friday, September 18, 2015

The Worgen’s Howl Episode #60: Positively Positive!

Welcome Back!

The past week has come and gone, and that means that it is time to bring you another episode covering the World of Warcraft and the community that surrounds it! After getting through what we have been up to we toss around some of the latest news. Here are some of the topics this week...

  • The Warcraft movie a 'problem movie' ?
  • Blizzard teams up with Random House
  • Battle.Net and Twitch join forces!
  • And much more!

First off, we want to thank Roxi for taking time out of her schedule to talk to us about herself, as well as how she got into WoW. We discuss a little about the coming expansion as well as the #WarcraftPositivity that you may have seen going around. Here are some recent inspirational posts..

Again, we thank her for joining us, and we hope that this discussion helps lift the community!

Secondly, here is the YouTube video that showed up today with the details of the new partnership between Blizzard and Random House. We hope you find this as exciting as we did!

Third, here are some of the tweets from the community board this week. There are a lot of contests, so good luck in entering! We also want to wish QuelFabulous a happy birthday once again!

Next, here are some of the latest tweets with updates on the Goren Garb project that Kaz is working on! It is coming along nicely, but still lots to do!

Finally, thank you all once again for all of your support! Go out there and have a fantastic week! Thank you for listening! See you next time!

,Frostee and Kaz

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