Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Worgen’s Howl Episode #67: So a goren walks into BlizzCon...

Welcome back!

If this wasn't an exciting week, then we don't know what is! Holy cow, BlizzCon has now come and gone, but it has left in its wake a path of hype the likes of which have not been seen for some time! The convention brought us new things, it brought us joy, it brought us misty eyes, cheers, and most of all, it brought us together! BlizzCon is a celebration of Blizzard games and gamers, and it is a place where we can all come together and geek out over these games with friends! We have more than enough to talk about this week, so we will try to summarize the weekend, and deep dive more in the weeks to come, but here are some of the things we talked about this week...

  • Legion cinematic arrives!
  • Warcraft movie trailer makes its debut!
  • Legion hype with so many new changes!
  • We get to play the demon hunter demo area, and more!
  • BlizzCon is awesome,
  • And much more!

First, we wanted to express our gratitude to Cuddles from The Game Case Show! This week we were guests on the show, and we got to hype out about BlizzCon and all that it brought to us! Below is the video, so please give it a thumbs up and tell him how much you enjoyed the show! He does a fantastic job with his podcast, and we hope you enjoy it too!

Second, here is the community board for the week! This will be the last week for the community board in its current form because starting next week we will debut a new version of it that will not only make it more user friendly, but also more shareable so that more people can see it! Good luck in the following contests, and thank for for supporting these fine folks!

Third, Kaz wants to express her deepest gratitude to everyone who complimated her on the goren cosplay this weekend! Each kind word and cheer made her weekend! We hope you liked it, and next time we have big plans already in the works as the king of Gilneas himself, Genn Greymane, will be our next big project!

Finally, FrozenFox Radio now has a shop on Redbubble. You can get Shirts and more for this show, and others! Show everyone you are a Worgen's Howl fan at BlizzCon and get your's today!

Thank you all once again for all of your support! You, every single one of you, made this weekend so fantastic! We could name drop for hours and go on about each one of you that made it so great, but even though we didn't mention you, please know that this weekend, and every day you make our lives greater! Thank you so so much for being such a great community! Thank you for listening and see you next time!

,Frostee and Kaz

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