Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Worgen’s Howl Episode #10 Wipe time, and time to celebrate!

Hello and welcome everyone! Thank you for all your support! We are proud to release our tenth episode for your listening pleasure! We are excited we have this much under our belt, and we have much much more to come! This week gave us even more awesome info and here is what you can find in this week's episode.

    • PAX East gives us tons of Warlords info!
    • Heroes gets the wipe, but TONS of new content and info!
    • Azeroth Choppers is coming! 
    • D3 to PS4 sounds great!
    • And much much more!

Now, remember that to celebrate this milestone, we are having a giveaway of this super cute faerie dragon mini sculpture! All you have to do to enter the random drawing is to comment on this post with the phrase "I'm in!" that's it! We will then randomly give away this one and only sculpt to the lucky winner as long as I can reach them within seven days of the end of the contest. (Which is Monday April 21, 2014 at midnight) So go go go! 

You know you want to win this cutie!

We can't wait to see who ends up with this! Have a great week, wish me well trying to finish fighting this death cold, and may the light be with you!